Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Break Catch Up

Well it's April 1st, which means it's my first day back to work after one of the most relaxing Spring Breaks of my life! How it came and went so fast, I'll never know, but it absolutely was enjoyed!!

My roommate/BFF was gone most of the Spring Break- so I had the apartment to myself. (My roommate and I are FINE as roommates and don't have issues-it's just kind of a treat for this firstborn child to enjoy some complete independence! Haha) At the beginning of March when I realized I didn't have any finalized, official Spring Break plans, I decided I would enjoy a Spring Break staycation in the comfort of my own home! I quickly began to think about what my week at home (alone) would be like...and Pinterest suddenly popped into my head. So- there was my plan. A Spring Break Staycation with Pinterest Projects galore. (Well not really "galore" but you get the idea.) I managed to completely clean out my den and make it into a "functional" den. I've only lived here going on 3 years. Haha! I also cleaned my room and was able to take a box of give-away stuff to a local ministry. It was such a relaxing Spring Break and it's left me longing for summer!! Only 2 months plus a few days and summer it will be! :)

Anyway...I plan to do a seperate post with the few Pinterest-inspired crafts/projects I made. For now- I'll post some other random pics from Spring Break, as well as Easter.

Saturday, March 23rd, one of the girls I teach with got married! I went with 2 other co-workers and photo booth was the form of guestbook! So fun!

And THEN I caught the bouquet!!!! I was totally out of my element being in front of all those people and then having the attention solely on me once I caught it, but it was a fun/awkward few moments! Perhaps this could mean something?!?!

The bride and me!

Monday night I babysat for my friend. This is little Liam who didn't want to sleep in his crib. But do you really think I minded holding him? Not at all! :)

On Tuesday, I had plans for lunch and pedicures with an old friend from my hometown. My mom had certainly made it clear she wanted me to stop by to meet her class, which I didn't mind. I also enjoy going to her school because I get to see many of my old teachers who still work with my mom! My dad also works there, so I posed for a pic with both parents!

Look at this amazing piece of chocolate peanut butter pie from my lunch at Yoder's! Mmmm mmmm mmmm! :)

Thursday night, late, I drove to Tampa International Airport to pick up Dayna and her mom from the airport. Then on Friday, Dayna and I got free tickets to go to a spring training game for the Tigers vs. Rays. It has been YEARS since I've been to a baseball game, and I'm certainly not athletically knowledgeable, so Dayna got a kick out of my many questions!

On Friday night, Dayna, me, and some old friends went out to dinner in Sarasota. It was sooo chilly! Here I am looking for sea life!

Here's Dayna.....being Dayna....ha!

On Saturday, I went to a 50th Surprise Birthday Party which was really fun! The guest of honor was totally surprised! Mission accomplished for the host, right?! :)

Later Saturday night, around midnight to be exact, Dayna and I colored Easter eggs! It's tradition! So much fun, as usual. I think the hour of the night in which we did this contributed to the amount of silliness there was. Good memories!

This was my last egg to dye, and this is all I could come up with! Ha!

Then on Easter Sunday, I went to church (favorite part of Easter, for real!!) and then met my family in Brandon for lunch. My mom and sister had a function to attend late Saturday and the best thing for all of our schedules was to meet up for lunch. It's not the norm, but it's what worked this year and it was fine. I sometimes struggle with change in tradition...but this was fine.

The Easter Bunny gives out Chick-Fil-A gift cards! He must know me well! ;)

So that was my Spring Break week in a nutshell! I hope you enjoyed your Easter Sunday. If you don't personally know the Risen King, I hope that someday soon you will! He changes lives! Following Him brings immeasurable joy.

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Elise said...

Sounds like a great Spring Break! I can't wait for mine in two weeks!